About Us


The Makotokan was founded in 2005 by sensei’s Tony Hughes and Russell Salter. Their aim was to commit fully to training in the Yoshinkan style of Aikido and to facilitate this aligned themselves with the Goryukai, a dojo run by Malcolm Crawford sensei, 7th Dan Yoshinkan shihan.

Over a decade since its origin, the club is currently run by Tony now a Yoshinkan Sandan ably supported by home grown black belts Victor and Warren.

Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which to learn the dynamic and effective techniques of aikido. We are committed to the belief that aikido is for everyone, not just the physically gifted. Current members are from all walks of life and vary from beginners to experienced aikidoka.

We try to preserve the ethos of True Budo in our aikido which extends beyond training in the dojo into ones everyday life, and we acknowledge that life can be dangerous so we incorporate a self defence element in our training.

Makotokan…….Whats in a name?

Makoto means truth and sincerity and was regarded as the highest virtue of the Samurai since all other virtues; honour, respect, loyalty etc. derive from this. Furthermore Makoto extends into righteousness imposing a moral obligation on the individual to do the right thing regardless of personal needs.

Makoto includes truth to oneself, which ensures the retention of “beginners mind” and avoids egotism. Truth is also reality and the only reality is now, so Makoto is also about living in the present moment.
To perceive reality is to be enlightened or awakened as O’sensei was. O’sensei’s gift to us is Aikido, a pathway to enlightened living through martial training. Aikido has at its core the principle of Makoto – a sincere and respectful approach to life.

Now somehow we just need to live up to this high minded philosophy ????